Community Building

Because it takes more than housing to build & sustain strong neighborhoods.  

To be successful, residents must be actively involved in strengthening their neighborhood. Since its beginnings, PCF Development has been dedicated to several community planning initiatives rooted in resident engagement. Each initiative has been based in the understanding that by listening to neighborhood residents, acting on their concerns and connecting the community to local resources, positive change will happen.

A little girl displays her craft proudly at an outdoor community event

Current/Active Programs

Connecting with our tenants and supporting them is vital to what we do. PCF Development has hosted Thanksgiving food basket give-aways, toy drives, block parties, and continuing education opportunities for our community. We connect tenants with additional services including financial fitness classes, budgeting workshops, heating assistance, and after school care.

Resident Engagement

PCF Development has a full-time Resident Services Coordinator that connects with tenants, works with families that are behind in rent, and recommends assistance services based on their needs.

PCF Development is one of the longest serving stakeholders in the Health Equity Zone (HEZ) initiative which aims to improve the community health in Pawtucket and Central Falls.


Community Health

PCF Development has been actively engaged in local community planning and infrastructure projects including HEZ, the Broad Street Regeneration Initiative, KeepSpace, and Healthy Places By Design.

Our team has funded and developed two public playgrounds/parks and a bike lane that connects four local schools to residential neighborhoods. We are committed to developing with Smart Growth principles and creating housing in resource rich communities that are connected to public transit, jobs, schools, and everyday household needs.

Donations support a family’s dream of a safe & affordable home.