Since 1990, PCF Development has created more than 400 new rental units. PCF Development envisions healthy communities for all and demonstrates this through intensive neighborhood revitalization, financial education and resident engagement.

PCF Development’s rental units are affordable, safe and attractive.  The vast majority of our units are recently constructed or remodeled.  PCF Development takes great pride in providing energy efficient, high quality and affordable housing throughout Pawtucket and Central Falls.

Our real estate development has made a lasting impact in areas that were once notorious for transient housing and crime. Beneficiaries of our work are predominantly low to moderate income families with single-parent female head of households. More than 250 children live in safe, attractive apartments built by PCF Development and have housing stability that they can count on each and every day.

By investing more than $60 million into the local community, PCF Development has created high quality affordable rental housing, new homeownership units, new pocket parks and has educated more than 1,000 individuals in Homeownership and Financial Fitness education classes – all in communities that have a history of neglect and disinvestment. Today, these neighborhoods have stabilized and provide homes for thriving working class Rhode Island families.

Deluz Family

Annika Deluz was frustrated during her housing search when she toured apartments in Providence and Pawtucket that were in disrepair and well above her budget.

“The fact that it’s brand new and that I can afford to live here – it’s just incredible.”

Rent a Home

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